General Terms

General Terms

All tasks is performed in accordance with the Nordic Freight Forwarders’ Association’s General Regulations (NSAB 2015). The provisions limits our liability for loss, deterioration or damage of goods to SDR 8.33 per. kg and for delays up to the shipping amount, maximum SDR 50,000 for each order.

During storage, the freight forwarder’s total liability for damage in the event of the same incident is limited to SDR 500,000 (§ 27). Particular attention is drawn to the fact that claims against the freight forwarder become statute-barred after 1 year (§ 30), and that the lien (§ 14) includes both current and previous claims.

Requirements for freight, etc. must be remunerated regardless of the terms of delivery of the trade agreement (§ 10).


The rates do not apply to temperature-controlled conveyor, dangerous goods, and transport of highly taxed goods, unless specifically stated in the offer. If the offer is not accepted within 30 days from the date of dispatch, it will then lapse. All assessments and prices are exclusive of VAT.

Price regulation:

Reservations are made for external costs beyond our control, including exchange rates, fuel prices, taxes and government intervention. Liso Logistics reserves the right to re-invoice these costs without prior notice.


Pallets are considered to be part of the packaging and thus also part of the trade agreement. Any pallet claim is therefore irrelevant to Liso Logistics.

Requirements for goods:

Cash on delivery may be offered at certain destinations, but is charged solely upon separate written instruction.


Liso Logistics has pledge in goods that are under Liso Logistics´ control, partly for all costs resting on the goods – consideration, warehouse rent included, partly for all Liso Logistics´ other receivables from the sender. If the goods are lost or destroyed, Liso Logistics is similarly entitled to compensation amounts from the insurance company or others. If Liso Logistics’ overdue receivables are not paid when due, Liso Logistics is entitled to sell so much of the goods that the total receivables, including costs, are covered.


In the event of damage or shortage, please inform Liso Logistics, your possible insurance company, and others involved.


If the transport buyer stops his payments, comes under estate administration or initiates negotiations on a compulsory agreement or the like, Liso Logistics’ total receivables are immediately due for payment. Any deviation from Liso Logistics’ General Terms and Conditions must be agreed in writing.

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