Payment Terms

Payment Terms

Our terms of payment are stated in the offer and invoice. If these payment terms have been breached or the collaboration is to be terminated, Liso Logistics reserves the right, without prior notice, to change the payment terms.

In the event of late payment, a reminder fee and default interest of 1.5% per. commenced month is charged.

In addition, Liso Logistics is entitled to demand a collection fee, which is set by the company, however, a minimum of 75, – per. requirement. The amount is due on demand.

In the case of claims for freight and other services in accordance with this offer, set-off may not take place.

If the freight amount has not been paid on the date of arrival, the shipper/recipient is liable for any exchange rate losses caused by devaluation / revaluation or floating exchange rates with the same effect.

Liso Logistics uses the bank Sydbank – read more about our Bank Information here.

Questions regarding payment terms

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