Liso Logistics A/S offers a daily distribution to/from our terminal located by our office at Uraniavej in Horsens. We cover the majority of Denmark within 24 hours. Irrespective whether it is parcels, general cargo or full loads, we have a solution. We can also arrange fixed pickup times, trailer systems or other services customized to your needs.

We seek to provide the highest service and quality, as well as supply consistency of more than 98%. This is ensured by providing extremely high demands for our partners, operators, contractors and not least ourselves.

Fuel Surcharge

Fuel surcharge is regulated each month in accordance to Fuelfinder. Fuel surcharge in Finland is also regulated each month, but in accordance of Finnlines Ltd. Pt current charges for November 2022:

International fuelsurcharge adjustment = 72,0 %
National fuelsurcharge adjustment = 48,4 %
Finland = 97,9 %

What can we do for you?

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Call us at +45 76 70 33 00 or write to mail@lisologistics.dk

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