Rail Transport

Rail Freight

Transport by railway is a safe and reliable form of transport – and a cheaper and more environmentally friendly alternative to e.g. air freight. Rail freight enables transport of large volumes of goods and with a possibility of loading at more destinations on the route.  When transporting large volumes of goods in containers, it reduces costs – as well as the environmental footprint.

These are some of the advantages of rail freight. Furthermore, this form of transport may be combined – as is also the case with road transport – with other forms of transport. For instance, A transport from Asia to Denmark may be initiated by sea freight to a port in Europe and then continued by railway from a port terminal to the final destination of the cargo.

Low-cost transport with short transit times

Rail freight is more cost-efficient than air freight, and transit times are shorter than by sea freight. Depending on your cargo, this may be an advantageous form of transport for you. Unsure of the best transport for you? Feel free to contact our freight forwarders for advice. With our experience and our extensive network of business partners across Europe, we are sure to find the best solution to meet your needs and requirements. Give us a call on +45 76 70 33 00 or use the form on the contact form on this page.

Rail transport of dangerous goods

Just as transport of dangerous goods by road, air or sea, transport of dangerous goods by railway must be conducted according to international legislation on transport of dangerous goods. Our team of freight forwarders will make sure you comply with all rules and regulations, ensuring that safe transport and flexible solutions come together.


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