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Logistics, freight and transport with special focus on hazardous goods

Liso Logistics A/S is built on a team of competent and flexible staff.

Liso Logistics A/S is a 100% danish owned company. We deal with road transport, sea freight, air freight, logistics, warehouse and distribution, which provides us with the ability to serve our customers with a focus on their specific needs whatever the type of transport needed.


Road Transport

Liso Logistics A/S performs Road Transport within all Europe. We have a big network of our partners, who are strong in them respective home markets.

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Sea Freight

Liso Logistics A/S performs Sea Transport all over the world. We have a big network of partners and Shipping companies, which are strong in their respective markets.

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Air Freight

Liso Logistics A/S performs Air Freight in all over the world. We have a large network of partners, who are strong in their respective markets.

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Rail Transport

Liso Logistics A/S provides rail services in many places in Europe. We have a large network of partners and rail providers .

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Liso Logistics A/S offers all forms of transport. This gives us ability to offer our customers one-stop shopping, where we handle everything from coordination with suppliers to final delivery. We believe strongly in a customer oriented approach and excel in offering customized solutions on the basis of the specific requirements and wishes of our customers.

We offer:

  • Road transport
  • Sea freight
  • Air freight
  • Rail transport
  • Inventory & Logistics
  • Distribution

We seek to provide the highest service and quality, as well as a supply of more than 98% consistency of delivery. We ensure this by withholding extremely high demands for our partners, shipping companies, airlines, operators contractors and not least ourselves within our organisation.


At Liso Logistics A/S we offer to obtain cargo insurance on request from out customers. In this way the goods can insured up to the full product value. This can be done for individual consignments, but also, as a general agreement  so that all transport operations,  will 100% insured with full coverage of the whole value.

We have many years of experience in the field, and would like to assist with help and advice.

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